How it started:
In february 2005 I had made a ladies suit in hounds tooth and a matching coat for a dachshund for
the Dutch Dollshouses and Miniatures magazine.
It was knitted by quite a lot of women; I enjoyed designing it but nevertheless............................

............ it lasted until the end of 2005 before I started to make a whole series of coats.
And once bitten by the bug I went on and on.

The ideas were spinning in my head and very soon I had made a long list of possible coats.
It ended with 25 coats.
Top row: American flag coat, traditional Cowichan coat, traditional Irish Aran coat,
same coat but fashionable in red and pink, a Dutch coat with a windmill, sailing boats, tulips, a cow's head and a flag.
2nd row: Santa coat, angel coat, Christmas coat, party coat with pearls, tweed coat with coloured beads.
3rd row:flower-power coat, coat of Max, checkered coat, Breton coat and a clown fish ( Nemo) coat.
4th row: fluffy coat, heart coat, coat with traditional motifs from Peru, sheep dog coat, sailor coat
Bottom row: hot dog coat, yellow taxi coat, coat with traditional Fair Isle motifs, rainbow coat and a waterproof raincoat with souwester.

Some portraits:

And what does this collection need?
Indeed, a catalogue in miniature
This catalogue can be ordered in my webshop
http://webshop.anneliesdekort.nl click miniature books
Seize book: 1.1"x 0.8".


I thought I had completed this collection, but suddenly in March 2007 I started a whole new series.
I added some girl's dresses and other new designs to the collection.

Top row:  A dress with holes, red dress, sailor dress, dotted dress
2nd row: jogging coat,  dachshund caot,  camouflage coat,  Burberry coat
3rd row: patchwork coat, pink dachshund coat, ladybug coat, cow coat.
4th row: flower coat, bow coat, hand painted coat, Mac Donald coat

Will I make a new series? I really do not know.


January 2008 Here are the dachshunds again!

It seems that one of the dachshunds is putting on weight.
After a few days I am sure: she is pregnant!
Isn't that clever for a plastic dachshund?
Look, 3 puppies have been born.
Aren't they cute!
And of course I immediately started to knit and made2 little coats and 1 pair of little shorts.

In my webshop:
http://webshop.anneliesdekort.nl click miniatures-misscelaneous some dachshunds can be purchased

Would you like to knit the coats yourself?
I sell patterns in my webshop. Wouldn't it be fun to knit this lovely couple?
Sorry, the pattern is only in Dutch
I do workshops where you can learn to knit this coat with beads.