In the 80's I started to design and make modern lace.

At first I made it all by myself, later I went to courses at Martine Bruggeman and I attended a 2-year course called "Kant speciaal".

I never dated my patterns, so I cannot show them in chronological order.
These designs are from the period 1980 - 1994

My first pieces were figurative and 2-dimensional

my first free designs


I made the lace first, then I had to dye it.

Afterwards they became abstract but still 2 dimensional.

I became faster with the designs

A little 3-dimensional.


a lovely platter of 4 birds with outspread wings.


now entirely 3-dimensional

2 jokes, lace does not have to be so serious.


3 versions of the same necklace

These designs are from the book "Kloskant in 3-dimensies".
I designed this book in 1993 but it has been sold out for a very long time.
I still have some copies to sell.
Look in my
webshop click on "patternbooks".