The Cake Buffet 

This delicious cake buffet was first exhibited during the international convention of OIDFA in Gent (Aug. 1998). The size of the cakes and confectionary are normal size.
All the designs used for the buffet are my own. I realized about 1/3rd of the bobbin myself and the rest and the accesories have been made by 14 members of the Lace-club "De Waaier".
The creation of this buffet took 2 years.

Contributors to this buffet:

Marri Arensman,  Mien Bazuin, Hennie Berg,  Annette Bles,  Richtje van Eijk,   Marianne Hartog
Annie Koevoets,  Annelies de kort,  Yvonne Krijgsman,  Bertha de Langen, Cor Oderkerk,
Elly Schalkwijk,Geeske Stojanovic,  Johanna van Valkenburg

In connection with this buffet I wrote three books with patterns:  "A TASTE OF LACE" . You can find them in my webshop click patternbooks

The Dutch lace-organisation LOKK published a book "Kant met een zilveren randje" with pictures of this buffet but unfortunatly they "forgot" to mention me as the designer.

Publications about the cake buffet:
Kantkwartaal nov. 1996
Handwerken zonder grenzen nr 5 1998
Lace express nr 4 1998
Kantbrief oktober 1998
OIDFA bulletin nr 4 1998
Major newspaper de Telegraaf  21-1-1999
Kniplebrevet nr 57 august 1999
Canadian Lacemaker Gazette winter 1999
Kant  juli 2000

The buffet on tv.:
5 mei 2000 German tv.
4 jan. 2002 Holland-RTL-4
6 april 2002 Kopspijkers, Nederland-3

Exhibitions showing the cake buffet:
OIDFA congress - Gent  aug. 1998
Kantmarkt - Maarn  nov. 1998
Nederlands Centrum voor Handwerken - Breda   jan.-maart 1999
Hobby and Art salon in Mechelen (België) 14-19 september 1999
30-13 oktober 1999 during the Slagelse lacefestival in Denmark
Textile festival 14 - 19 maart 2000 in Zwolle
28 - 30 april, congress of the "Deutsche Klöppelverband"  in Hindelang,  Germany
1 juni - 30 september   in the Kantschool in Brugge, Belgium
From half october - 7 januari 2001  in "Het Schoutenhuis" in Huizen
10-1 tot 10 - 3 - 2001 "De Weezenlanden" in Zwolle
20 - 22 juli Bailleul in Frankrijk
26 febr. - 2 juni in het Gemeente museum in Helmond