After I had had a lot of practise at micro knitting I wanted to see how small
I could knit a dolls dress.
I managed to dress a 1/160 scale doll.
The doll is 5/16"(1 cm.) tall.
Then I wanted to make a scene for the doll.

I had a nice plastic box with a magnifying glass in the lid that suited perfectly.
The box was 1"x 1". (2,5 x 2,5 cm.)

I took a 1" x 1" piece of very fine silk gauze.
Using different shades of green sewing yarn I made a little
carpet which looks like soft green grass.
On one side I used grey yarn and embroidered tiles.
On the other sides I used brown embroidery stitches
as it had to look like soil.
From kite paper and silk paper I made very tiny flowers and,
together with some natural material I "planted" them and the TINY GARDEN was finished.
What a lovely shetered garden to sleep in!
On the left you can see the garden from above and on the right
from the front.

Knit-knit no.5 had a picture and an article.




Stamps often are little pieces of art and a jewel on the envelope.
I like to see and admire them when they are really beautiful.

One moment in 1998 I thought that as my lace and my miniatures are of such a high standard, they would look really nice as stamps.
Because I did not think it would be possible to get offical stamps made I decided to make the stamps myself.

I made 4 series:
 *    a series called  "The Cake Buffet" - pictures of the cake buffet made of bobbin lace.
*    a series called  "Annekant" - pictures of my miniature lace
*    a series called  "The 70's"  - pictures from my dollshouse situated in the 70's
*    a stamp with a 70’s arrangement - furniture from my dollshouse depicting the 70's.  See the picture above.

All the different stamps have been on a envelope only once. I posted the envelopes and they were all postmarked.

The lace buffet. In 2001 I was on television for the Jack Spijkerman show. They did a story about the lacebuffet and the stamps.
The original lace buffet is not in miniature, it is full size.


This picture of the buffet was used to make all the different stamps. These are the letters I sent. All the stamps have only been used once.
The letters arrived and the stamps have the postmarks on them.



The single stamps.

A sheet of stamps.

A part of the lace buffet made in miniature from paper. Detail of the paper buffet. Marjon de Haas made the whole buffet for me from fimo.




I made this series to honour my miniature lace.
The lace is from my miniature laceshop.
I made these myself and the size of the miniatures is between 1/2 - 2 inch!


All these pictures are from my dollshouse from the 70's.

The background paper of the art pieces has the letters KPA.
This means - Kunst Postzegels Annelies- translated: Art Stamps Annelies.
The bottom line shows the whole word.


This is the stamp that started the series.

The apple green chairs, the lamp with the crocheted shade, and the embroidered
pillows are so typical of the 70's.


     Jack Spijkerman show - 6 April 2001