A box dedicated to the year 1880.

From the underwear you can see very clearly where all the tucks with strings were, to pop-up the Bustle.

These clothes are the exact copies of the originals.

I borrowed the originals from a friend, took all the measures and divided them by 12 to make my patterns.

2 knitted sleeping caps

2 undersleeves

The Split Drawers with beautiful hand embroidered broderie on the leg frills.

The bags are knitted in.

Total length including tassel 3/4"

This is a wonderful sewing table. All the sewing accessories are under the lid and in the drawer.

The top of the lid is done with very fine marquetry

A fine underskirt with three tucks before the final hem. The triangular hem was made by hand. The slippers are embroidered.

This underskirt is also hand sewn. The green ribbon is bobbin lace. The broderie is embroidered.

A beautiful dress made with bobbin lace. The design was taken from a dress made of very fine wool. The size of the dress is 1 1/2 ". Queen Wilhelmina wore dresses like this.

Silver Chatelaine