My Laceshop


The idea for my Lace-shop has sprung from a couple of situations.
For years I have been making my own lace designs. At one stage I had so many designs, that I knew that I would never find the time to actually make them all.
Since childhood I've been making miniatures and room boxes.
The idea of mixing everything together came to me and the Lace Shop was born.
I could use all my own designs!
This shop is a copy of a Lace-shop, maison des dentellieres, in Bruge (Belgium).
The shop and part of the fittings were made by Mr J Zegveld.

During one and a half year I made mi niature bobbin lace, several hours a day. At first I had to find out which materials I had to use, later came the challenge to work smaller and smaller. Because of this every practise I succeeded to make lace with a very fine old yarn ( bandegaren 16), comparable with Egyption cotton # 270. In 1992 after spending 1750 hours to make miniature lace, my littla laceshop was showed for the first time during the OIDFA congress in Utrecht. Since that time the lace shop has become fuller and fuller. After 2250 hours I stoped counting.

Different types of laces in my maison des dentielleres are: Torchon, Tape lace 2 different types, Flanders lace, Tulle, Schneeberg lace, Bloemwerk, fine bloemwerk, Withof lace, Florence lace, Chrysante lace, Rosaline Perlée, Russian lace 's Gravenmoerse lace, modern lace, needlepoint lace, Mechlin air.

Here is the inside view of the shop 

   And this is the front with the windows

Apart from the usual bobbin lace and doilies my shop stocks: hats, stockings, socks, lingerie, babyclothes, a christening gown, lampshades, fans, tea cosy and dolls with lace clothing.
All in all over 200 hand bobbin pieces. 


The bedspread is made of Florence-lace, the sun-umbrella is tulle

There are also items relating to lace making like bobbins, pillow, material, sewing accessories and books.
An old lady is demonstrating how to make lace (for the tourists).
The owner of the shop lives in the attic. You can see that apart from lace making she enjoys other crafts as well.She designs her patterns sitting at the table.
In connection with this lace shop I have written three books "BOBBIN LACE FOR IN A DOLLS' HOUSE"


Withof-Duchesse   size 1 1/4"
rosaline lace

chrysant, guipure ground, bone fansticks with torchon lace 

      On the fabric of this doily, I made some embroidery. This is the finest embroidery I have ever made: 90 HPI!
      Size of the doily: 1"x 1".  Size of the embroidery: 5/16" .

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