Hous scale 1/48


This house is from the 1980's. In this house a father, a mother and two daughters live. One daughter is 8 years old and is fond of horses and horse riding. The other daughter is 13 years old. Both girls love gymnastics - they have a gym-room on the attic!

The hall

The walls and the floor are green and grey marble. On the little cupboard in the back is a vase of daffodils. The dogs face at the back is embroidered.

On the hat rack are some jackets and cardigans.

This is how the youngest child’s cardigan looked.

The livingroom

The youngest daughter is watching television in the living room.

On the table are again daffodils and a book of Hare Hank with real pages and pictures

The kitchen

Here is the cosy red-white kitchen where the mother is making tea.

The parent's bedroom

This is the parent’s bedroom. The bed is on the floor.

The bedspread is made of silk.

The bathroom

Father is in the bathroom and is just about to brush his teeth.

The bedroom of the youngest daughter

This is the bedroom of the youngest daughter. Horses everywhere.

The gym attic

The gym is in the attic. Isn't this the dream of every girl?

The rubbish corner

The rubbish corner needs no comment. The laundry is done here.

The bedroom of the eldest daughter

Here is the eldest daughter’s room. The bed is hanging from the ceiling and has a cover with Madonna on it. There are lots of pictures of pop idols on the walls.

Oh Yeah…………….also a table for doing homework and study!