A needlework shop, small of size, great in what it contains!  Size: 2 1/8" x 1 1/8" x 1 1/8"

To make everything as small and as beautiful as I can, is a real challenge for me.

How small can I knit, embroider and make lace etc. This is the result so far…

On the right hand side you will see some knitted sweaters and dresses.

At the back there are 3 embroidered pictures hanging.

The left hand side of the room is for lace making. The lace on the wall is hand made, and so are the strips of lace in the cupboard. On the shelves are pattern books with pages and pictures!

Here is a woman making lace.

This little rug is made of silk. It is only 5 mm in diameter.

Here you can see details of the cupboard behind the saleswoman. It gives a good view on the strips of lace and the pattern books.

In this picture you see the skeins of wool, the lace making pillow and the fabrics very well.