You may print this pattern, to please yourself or someone else; it may NOT be used for commercial purposes.

     5 Strips of 2.36" x 0.79"  thick black paper.
     9 Strips of 1.14" x 0.79"  protective paper that is between the photopaper.
     1 Strip of 0.87" x 2.6"  thin cardboard (e.g. cardstock).
     1 Strip of 1.26" x 3.15"  imitation leather.
     2 Pieces of 0.1"silk ribbon.
     Glue, e.g. tacky glue

     1 Fold the black strips in half.
     2 Glue the strips of protective paper in between.
     3 Glue the black parts together at the fold; between each part there must be a strip of protective paper,
     but not at the top and not at the bottom. Put a thin line of glue on the back.
     4 Glue the white cardstock on the imitation leather.
     5 Cut the corners at an angle (not too short) and glue the edges of the imitation leather to the inside.
     6 Make 2 horizontal cuts for the bow.
     7 Put the ribbon through these holes and stick it to the inside.
     8 Make a bow. Put a tiny drop of glue on it and cut the ribbon of very short.
     9 If necessary cut the black pages to size.
     10 Glue the top and bottom page to the cover.

     Lots of fun with this beautiful photo-album!