Yellow room with needle crafts

 The lace in this room is made from the patterns in my books, "Bobbin lace in miniature".

If you would like to make this lace yourself, click on pattern books and see how you can order these books. There are 3 different books.

On the bed is a beautiful, handmade lace bedspread. The making of the bedspread is not that difficult, but it takes lots of hours! The stockings with garters, the lingerie and the collar are all made using bobbin lace.

Translation of the embroideries above the bed:

The Lord is my Sheperd

Always see the sunny side

My home is my castle

Start the morning without worries

Home is where the heart is. Someone who has so many wise words above their bed must be happy!

These naughty little dolls are sitting in the windowsill. A lace curtain is hanging at the window.

A toddler is playing next to the clothes airer, on which a smocked dress and stockings are hanging,

His blouse is made of lace, and so are the dress and the knickers of the little doll next to him.

On the couch and the chairs are pillows with Florentine embroidery. A knitting bag is standing against the couch.

The tablecloth has a lace border; on the couch are 2 knitted bears.

The baby in the carrycot wears a beautiful lace Christening gown with a matching bonnet.

The lampshade and the cloth are lace again. Standing at the back is a big box of nougat from Montélimar. This reminds me of the time my husband at I travelled to Montélimar by train with my lace shop. The shop was shown there for a year in the Musée de la Miniature. In our hotel room was this big box of nougat. It was delicious!

This lovely lampshade is made from the same pattern as the parasol in one of my books.

It has pearls at the bottom edge. I used half a table tennis ball for the inside.