A boy's jumper with pirate and matching dachshund's coat
The dog is completely dressed up as a pirate; he even has a wooden leg!
The pattern of the jumper can be bought in the

I love knitting, but I am really fond of designing knitting patterns.
In almost all my dollshouses you can find knitted miniatures.

Some of the patterns pictures below are in my pattern books.

I have made 2 books with dolls and cuddle toys and 4 books with sweaters, dresses,hats and stockings.
You will find them in my webshop


Micro knitting is trying to knit as small as possible.
After lots and lots of practice I succeeded to knitting a dress 1/4 ", and a sweater 1/8".
I used a very thin thread and needles size 0,5 mm or 8/0.

These two pictures are meant to give you an impression of
how small the knitted items are.
I knit them looking through a magnifying glass.

This looks like a book with a dress on the cover.
What a surprise when the book opens.
The dress from the cover is inside!

These beaustiful book boxes are for sale.
Look at.................

And than, of course, the next challenge. Could I knit a little smaller?
Again trying and trying, using thinner thread and yes……….
After a lot of failures I managed to knit a dress that was1/8 ".

Look, the same finger but a much smaller dress!

These dresses and sweaters are so small that they do not fit around a toothpick.
That is why I had to use my thin insect pins
But still I was not satisfied. What is there missing?
oooh yes, a hat.
2 dolls have hats made from a piece of tissue; two have crocheted hats.






At the end of September 2009 I was called by Zappsport, a sporting programm
for children on tv. They asked me if the sweater with the moose on the front they
had  seen on my website was for sale.
I told them that this was a miniature sweater for a doll of 6".
They were dissapointed because they wanted to use this sweater in their tv programm.
So I told them I could knit one like that full size.
But..........they needed the sweater very soon,
I only had 9 days to knit it.
It was a hughe challenge but I made it.
As you can see in the pictures underneath.
Picture 1: I am holding the finished sweater.
Picture 2 and 3: presentator Ron Boszhard is wearing the
sweater on the set. I took these pictures from the tv.



These 3 sweaters are knitted using authentic peruvian motifs

Inspired by these sweaters?
In my
webshop you will find patternbooks so you can knit them yourself.
Or would you like to purchase? Click on "miniatures" in my webshop

3 Sweaters with bat sleeves.
In the 80's these were very popular. They were very comfortable, but the problem was that were uncomfortable underneath a coat in winter because of the sleeves.



The red babies cardigan has embroidered motifs.
The blue and orange toddler sweaters are similar to the sweaters our children had.


These miniature sweaters have been worn by our children as well.
But then of course they were knitted in full size.


Comfortable cotton summer sweaters  


All knitting from the 70's


The first one is an original Irish Aran sweater

The other two are warm winter sweaters.


Fashionable short ladies sweater.
Gents v-necked sweater with cables.



Some of these cuddle toys are for sale in my webshop - click miniatures
Or would you like to knit them yourself? You will find several patternbooks in my

Article about microknitting in

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