DOGS COATS  for full size dogs, not miniature


For years I only knitted in miniature. But for some time I started knit full size again. Dogs clothes have alwyas been my favourite for designing as well as for knitting.
On this page I will show my new moddels. I am designing and I have a lot of ideas, so soon there will be new pictures on this page.

They are for sale in my web shop.
You can alter the design, or the colours, or ask for a coat with a name or logo. If it can be done, I will do it

A big thank you to Henkie and Lola the chihuahuas, Repper the dachshund, Plato the Jack Russell and Tico the French Bulldog.


Plato is dressed up as Santa and it suit him wonderfully
This is his favourite coat at Christmas time.


Lola and henkie envied Plato so they wanted to have a Santa coat as well.
It is good to bring the Christmas spirit into your home.


Tico is witty dog so I knitted him a colourful sweater.
He likes this sweater the best.

:Lola and Henkie are showing one of my favourite desings..
Henkie is a sailor and Lola is a lady-sailor.
She has a skirt an a big bow.


Plato is dressed up as a fisherman from Brittany.
Complete with hat and scarf.

Du pain, du vin.............du chien!


Very posh sweaters in silver or gold.
They will wear them at parties and at their birthday!
The gold sweater has beads coloured from pale pink to dark red.
The silver sweater has beads from pale blue to dark blue


A very special coat for Plato.
A wonderful combination of yarns. On the back is a cyclamen butterfly
with glass beads and on the hat is a gold butterly with glass beads.


This was the first coat I made.

A coat with a hood for Repper


A chihuahua dressed up as diva!
If you wear a coat like that you
start acting like a filmstar.

A very comfortable sweater for Tico.
Soft fluffy yarn at his back and warm and soft lilac mohair at his neck and belly.
Also glass beads along his collar.


A velvet coat with hat.
Very distinguished and professor-like
That suits a dog whos name is Plato


Especially at Christmas  Repper loves his Angel coat.
With an aureool, golden wings and a white mohair coat

An other soft fluffy coat.
Bright red,pink and yellow colours.
Look at his ears peeping out of the hat.


A warm colourful coat for a happy dog.
All motives are knitted in.

Very fashionable this turquoise sweater with pink fluffy stripes.
Nice soft wool at his belly and pearls along the collar.



This coat fits so good!
Plato loves this one.
His ears come out off the hat
so he can still listen and obey


Every dog looks good in a coat with cables
You can play in it and still be fashionable.


Though it is not necessary that Henkie and Lola have their names written
on the back but it is funny and they are proud of it.


A sweet girls coat made of pale blue and pale pink shiny cotton.
On the left shoulder a knitted butterfly with glass beads;
at the right side a bow with flowers.


3 lovely warm and soft coats.
The left coat is made of a very soft mixed fantasy yarn in lilac, pale green
and white and has pale green mohair borders.
The left coat in the second picture is knitted with the same material but
a different design.
The coat in the righthand picture is made of 4 shades blue mohair and pearls.


Repper loves this colourful coat as well as Plato!


Plato wears his ladybug coat.
He even has 2 feelers on his head.
They are a bit difficult to see in the picture.


Repper has a taste for fluffy coats.
soft, warm and very fashionable.


Again a sweet girls coat.
Knitted with salmon mohair and a white cotton collar.
At the side a big satin bow.


Repper has a coat from the same material and white mohair.
His coat was knitted with stripes.